Understanding the importance of Himalayan Mountains the Government of India's National Action Plan on Climate Change has an important sub Mission known as National Mission For Sustaining The Himalayan Ecosystem . It says that the Himalayan Eco-System is vulnerable and susceptible to the impacts and consequences of a) changes on account of natural causes, b) climate change resulting from anthropogenic emissions and c) developmental paradigms of the modern society. It further says that The mission attempts to address some important issues concerning:

  • Himalayan Glaciers and the associated hydrological consequences
  • Biodiversity conservation and protection
  • Wild life conservation and protection
  • Traditional knowledge societies and their livelihood and
  • Planning for sustaining of the Himalayan Ecosystem.
Sustaining the Himalayan eco system as a national mission, will focus on the rapid generation of four types of national capacities, They deal with
  • Human and knowledge capacities
  • Institutional capacities
  • Capacities for evidence based policy building and governance and
  • Continuous self learning for balancing between forces of Nature and actions of mankind.

In above context Government of India asked each state government to prepare their Action Plans on Climate Change in 2010. Out of 10 states, only 7 could develop their draft action plans. The states like Uttaranchal, Himachal and Tripura are yet developing their plans.

The draft reports of State Action Plan on Climate Change have been taken from Government of India's Web portal. To download a state action plan for any of the Indian Mountain States you need to click on the photo first, as it gets enlarged you will see a link as Download [State-SAPCC]. There are Next and Back buttons to switch around.

Towards wider dissemination and as an inclusive consultation process we are opening up discussions on each of the State Action Plan (SAPCC) and invite people from respective states to write their comments at the Discussion Forum or directly send them to us at forum@chimalaya.org . As we get the comments/ suggestions we will ensure sending them to respective state governments and Government of India after compiling for further inclusion.

  • Please download the SAPCC document from above photo-files of the state for which you want to comment upon.
  • Go to Discussion page to start and see the discussion thread for respective Mountain State of India.
  • Alternatively you can send your comments to us at forum@chimalaya.org
  • We are also opening up the discussion at our group list chimalaya@googlegroups.com

The State Action Plans on Climate Change (SAPCC) have been developed by the respective Mountain State governments with the technical support of various international agencies. Given the importance of these proposed activities in mountain context, the Climate Himalaya team feels that it would be appropriate that we open up the Draft Action Plans for further further comments and suggestions from various stakeholder groups.