Rules of Climate Himalaya Discussion Forum are simple:


  1. Presently we have two Forums (more will come in due course).
  2. The Forum named “On Blog posts of CHI” is intended for you to start a topic by making a direct reference to any of the existing posts in our principal site Climate Himalaya. Please quote the name of the post clearly and backlink it for others to reference.
  3. The Forum named “On Mountain Climate related issues” is intended for you to start a topic that is not in direct reference to any of the blog posts in our main website Climate Himalaya, but has a close connection to any Mountain Climate Change related issue that you think merits discussion.
  4. Your starting post will be called Original Proposition (OP) which should contain a question in sense. All other posts will come as ‘replies’.
  5. Since the discussions are not threaded, please write @(poster’s name and post time/date) at the beginning if you need to comment on or reply to a ‘reply’ rather than OP.
  6. Please don’t delete your post after someone has replied to it – in our forum standard that is considered discourteous. If you need to edit your post after someone has replied to it, please retain the original text and add your edited text below. It will be great if you post a fresh reply altogether.
  7. Mature, civil and courteous expressions are encouraged here. Please co-operate.
  8. All texts in this forum will be considered intellectual property of Climate Himalaya. Please intimate us if you wish to use any part of the texts for reference or publication.
  9. We don’t intend to censor. In the extreme event we are forced to censor, Climate Himalaya Discussion Forum Team is free to do so without showing any reason or notice.
  10. Registering and/or starting a discussion shall mean you have read and agreed to the rules.


Durban Conference 2011